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We believe in partnerships to improve living standards of both the urban and rural dwellers in Papua New Guinea by using existing social structures, social capital, social innovations and technology based approaches. 

Who We Are

What is Poverty Stoplight?

Paradise Development Consultancy is a company owned
by a non-governmental organization called the "Emily Charitable Foundation (PNG Inc). This NGO is rural based and has a special focus on the weak, the feeble and people with special needs.

PDC partners with Foundation Paraguay, a non-government organization (NGO) founded in Paraguay whose main objective is to eliminate poverty. FP has been creating and implementing poverty alleviation programs all over the world for over thirty (30) years and has defined poverty as having a multidimensional effect on people wholly or partially.



Our Programs

  • Partnership Programs - Poverty Stoplight

  • Financial Inclusion Programs

  • Development Data Hub

  • Social Enterprise Development

News & Developments

Poverty ​Stoplight Training of Trainers (TOT) for Paradise Development Consultancy proffessionals.

Paradise Development Consultancy becomes the PNG Hub for Poverty Stoplight.

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