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About Us & Our Partner

Meet The Team



Shane I. Ipatas

Chairman (CEO)

Shane holds a Master's of Science in International Development from Tulane University, Louisiana, USA, and Bachelor of Science in Economics from Western Sydney University, Australia. He is an experience banker and development specialist.

Advisory Board


Dr. Martin Lius Burt

CEO & Founder of Foundation Paraguay and Poverty Stoplight

FP is a non - government organization (NGO) founded in Paraguay. FP's main objective is and has been to eliminate poverty. It has been providing advise to micro-entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs across Paraguay since 1985; in addition to providing easy access to credit to improve their businesses. Dr. Burt served as a boar member to many distinguished organizations in U.K and the Americas. He brings with him a wealth of experience on socioeconomic development to PDC advisory board.

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